Webinar ``Don't move to the cloud: let's build your blueprint`` - Registration by invitation only

Cloud has been around for a decade and still, there are a lot of misconceptions. As a result, migration projects are often overlooking crucial elements like security, resilience and cost optimization. It is important to build a future-proof blueprint that will adapt to substantial changes.

Join our webinar « Don’t move to the cloud: let’s build your blueprint » on May 6th, 2021 at 16:00.

Peter from SPIE Belgium ICS will guide you through a successful approach to achieve your goal. This will be followed by a live cocktail masterclass experience for which you will receive a special package at your door !


16:00-16:30: Don’t move to the cloud: let’s build your blueprint + Q&A session

16:30-17:00: Live cocktail masterclass


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